What do you see in this picture?

When you look at this picture, what do you see?


I’ll tell you what I see in this picture, honest and directly:

-First of all, my bare buttocks

-Secondly, my thighs, though barely visible by my caressing of them

-My calves also show up too

If you think that this picture is about showing off my buttocks, then you’d be right, because the only point of this picture is to feature my booty, exposed by pose, slightly hairy (because I shaved some hair on there), and unavoidable to see in the pose.

I’m not afraid to showcase my butt. In fact, I’m very proud of it. Sure, the view of it bending over may not be the most flattering viewpoint, of it, but that’s just an unfortunate consequence. Bending over pushes my glutes, thighs, hamstrings and calves-all of which I work on through deliberate exercise-to their limits

Another pose that gets to the point of what I like about my back view:


I received (and deleted) a comment for this picture on my modelmayhem that read: BOHICA (bend over here it comes again). It was so sad to me that this picture, as much as I like it, came off as an invitation to get fucked in the ass, that I ended up removing the picture from my modelmayhem profile entirely. But I’m showing the picture again here because I like the way my backside is posed, but not because I’m making an invitation. Believe me that I’m straight enough to get 100% creeped out by any *invitation* for back door action, despite whatever people think the poses seem to invite.

Naked Accountability: Body Development Goals

For my own personal reasons, I’ve taken a mild break from blogging here in the last few months, but that didn’t stop me from caring about my body or setting up goals for myself. After a bit of a hiatus and looking at myself, it seems like it’s time for some naked accountability.

I’ve always believed that nakedness is the best form of honesty.

In a sense, time has certainly been good to me. I’m definitely much bigger than I used to be almost everywhere. For the most part, that’s the result of effective weight training, in fact I’m certainly MUCH stronger and more powerful than I was a year ago. I can bench press over 300 lbs, and can leg press over 1,100 lbs. That’s not the same as being healthier (I do minimal cardio, for example), though,  but it does count for gaining some ground and it shows a visual representation of what’s been gained and what’s been lost.

So, friends, here is my body, circa 2017:


Side annotated.jpeg


What you’re seeing is a 30+ year old male, 210 lbs, 70″ tall male with a 37.5″ waist and 24% body fat.

If I was asked to describe my 3 best and 3 worst physical attributes, my answers would be

3 Best:

  1. My buttocks and upper thights
  2. Shoulders
  3. Chest

3 Worst

  1. STOMACH!!!
  2. Calves
  3. Upper back

(Positive comments or constructive criticism about my body or certain features are welcome in the comments.)

Having shown and described where I find my physical strengths and weaknesses, the next few images are where I’ve started focusing my exercising through significant changes in my workout regimen:

6- Nov 2016 Side

Shoulders/Back: Grow and make stronger/more defined

Stomach: Ew. Shrink and tone. Six pack not desired, but ab flattening and visible definition is

Butt: Keep growing/toning

IMG_3896 copy

Chest/Biceps/Triceps: Continue growing/toning (although I don’t think I’m lacking strength or toning in these areas!)

Stomach: Shrink/Tone

Calves: Grow (I was recently told I have “runner’s calves”)


Again, this blog is a form of naked accountability for my personal goals, but as always, I’d appreciate feedback/comments of all types. Thank you for reading and accompanying me on this journey.

Thigh and Gluteal Pride

I used to have twigs for legs. In fact, as a 140 pound 19 year-old, I was pretty much a twig from head to toe:


(Forgive the messy room, but in all fairness, 18 year-olds aren’t known for being cleanliness conscious. Also, the picture above isn’t artistic and isn’t meant to be so, it was taken before I began real nude modeling and was taken by the girl who also took my virginity months later. It’s shown here only as a physical comparison to my late teens.)

A decade, some weightlifting, too much good eating and beer, and not enough running later, I’ve developed what we can call, for lack of a less flattering term, a much broader body. In any case, I’ll give myself the credit of at least admitting that I’ve been doing a lot of lifting targeting my lower body (squats, leg press, some cardio), and this has had a noticeable and positive effect on the development of my leg definition and strength over time.

As a heterosexual male, it might be weird to admit that I’m proud of my butt, but (no pun intended) with age, it’s one of several of my physical features that are going the right direction over time:


(Recycled from another post, but hard not to re-post given the theme tonight. This is easily one of two of my most favorite nudes that I wish I could put on a canvas in my apartment living room.)




I realize that bending poses are kind of touchy… it’s almost like you’re mooning the audience, or that you’re asking for backdoor treatment. At the same time, bending poses are kind of the most flattering for muscular thighs.

Flattering or not, those naked thighs above have had the benefit of several years’ worth of hard work and dedication to grow. Not only are those thighs a forgotten yet crucial part of my mobility, but they are what I depend on to provide the strength for strenuous work expected of a man, and God forbid the situation come, for my personal self-defense against criminals or predators.

Most of all, they dictate the minimum pants size I can wear.