Naked Accountability: Body Development Goals

For my own personal reasons, I’ve taken a mild break from blogging here in the last few months, but that didn’t stop me from caring about my body or setting up goals for myself. After a bit of a hiatus and looking at myself, it seems like it’s time for some naked accountability.

I’ve always believed that nakedness is the best form of honesty.

In a sense, time has certainly been good to me. I’m definitely much bigger than I used to be almost everywhere. For the most part, that’s the result of effective weight training, in fact I’m certainly MUCH stronger and more powerful than I was a year ago. I can bench press over 300 lbs, and can leg press over 1,100 lbs. That’s not the same as being healthier (I do minimal cardio, for example), though,  but it does count for gaining some ground and it shows a visual representation of what’s been gained and what’s been lost.

So, friends, here is my body, circa 2017:


Side annotated.jpeg


What you’re seeing is a 30+ year old male, 210 lbs, 70″ tall male with a 37.5″ waist and 24% body fat.

If I was asked to describe my 3 best and 3 worst physical attributes, my answers would be

3 Best:

  1. My buttocks and upper thights
  2. Shoulders
  3. Chest

3 Worst

  1. STOMACH!!!
  2. Calves
  3. Upper back

(Positive comments or constructive criticism about my body or certain features are welcome in the comments.)

Having shown and described where I find my physical strengths and weaknesses, the next few images are where I’ve started focusing my exercising through significant changes in my workout regimen:

6- Nov 2016 Side

Shoulders/Back: Grow and make stronger/more defined

Stomach: Ew. Shrink and tone. Six pack not desired, but ab flattening and visible definition is

Butt: Keep growing/toning

IMG_3896 copy

Chest/Biceps/Triceps: Continue growing/toning (although I don’t think I’m lacking strength or toning in these areas!)

Stomach: Shrink/Tone

Calves: Grow (I was recently told I have “runner’s calves”)


Again, this blog is a form of naked accountability for my personal goals, but as always, I’d appreciate feedback/comments of all types. Thank you for reading and accompanying me on this journey.

The Boner Debate, Part I

Warning: Erection Pictures. Part I and II are the same story but with different pictures. Part II is available to readers on my protected list, if you’d like to see this and my other protected posts, please read this.

A friend and fellow model commented that he’d never show an artistic photograph of his erection. I was tempted to ask why, but there are a lot of good reasons for this, long rooted in the nudist and the artistic communities. An erection at a nudist colony, for example, is a direct (pardon the pun) sign of the very sexual arousal that nudist communities eschew, and may be grounds for automatic ejection from the resort. The same goes for a male model posing for an art class, where is nude presence is only justified by a legitimate need to replicate the nude figure on canvas or paper, an event which should be devoid of any type of arousal. In fact, not only would an aroused male miss the point of an art session, but it would be a disservice to the artists since it’d be almost impossible to maintain for the duration of the pose without, well, stimulation.

All of these, I’m sure, are the basis for my friend’s informed reservations against erections in nude art.

I, however, have a different take.


I believe that artistic photography exists in a realm that’s different than life drawings or nudism. Nude photography is made powerful by the subject’s physical vulnerability, and a person’s sensuality is an extension of that.


I’ve said it over and over again, that the penis does not get the credit it deserves for its beauty, and the erect penis even more so.


If the nude figure’s vulnerability is what makes a nude powerful, than an erection can, if shown properly, can only enhance the strength of the work since you’re actually seeing the true strength of the penis in the context of the picture. An erection is the physical display of a male’s prowess, energy, and readiness to provide pleasure. It is, also, the epitome of his vulnerability, as his erection presents everything that makes him a man for complete inspection, leaving no doubt as to the magnitude of his prowess.


To be clear, there are many places where erections do not belong, even when nudity is acceptable. Traditional art platforms. Family-oriented nudist resorts. Locker rooms. However, they should be a feature in artistic nude photography, since sensuality is a natural component of art nudes. It is, however and rightly so, a very touchy subject, and the artist and model must be careful to avoid crossing the line between sensual or erotic photography and simply making pornography. But, it can be done, and erections should be a celebrated part of artistic male  nude photography.