Full Back # 2



13 thoughts on “Full Back # 2

  1. The beautiful body reveals its self in all the tones of sensual movement that gives grace and comfort to the soul. How I see the one of the smoothness of silk, the strength of form and the wonder of touch. Very impressive.

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      1. I am glad to stop by and look at an art appreciated as myself being an artist. The beauty of the body that is so pleasing to the senses.

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      2. In looking at your many images there is the deep beauty one could ever feel within as to touch the surface and feel the sensuality.

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    1. I like to say what I feel as that brings close the meaning of appreciation. I like how your body has that deep cream look that helps in the sensuality being expressed.

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      1. Hm. Can’t say I’m familiar with the “deep cream” look, but I’m glad you find it in me! And really thank you again, I always appreciate feedback about my pictures, body/physical features, etc.


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