I’ve debated posting this…

I’ve debated posting this because of the way it accentuates my belly… for it to work, I had to arch my back, which meant that my stomach got pushed out and looks more like the beer gut that I’m running away from than the washboard stomach I fantasize about once-again having.

And then again, that’s the point of life modeling, or at least why I’ve gotten into it. It’s not to show off the perfect body (that I’ve never had, by the way), but to prove that there’s excellence in vulnerability, that our flaws are what makes us both beautiful and unique.

Plus, despite how much I wish my stomach wasn’t pushed out, I think the picture itself is pretty incredible:


I originally wasn’t interested in this shot… the photographer had done it on another model and asked me if I’d shoot the pose for him… I had seen the image he was talking about on a model he’d shot only a few days prior,  but that model had a much more athletic physique than me… he was also nearly a foot taller than me, had what looked like a bullet proof stomach, and yes, his penis was large enough to tie in a knot, so needless to say, the pose was much more flattering to his previous model, but after some coaxing, I figured “why not”, and at least see what it looked like.

And I’m glad I did. And I’m glad I shared it.


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