Thigh and Gluteal Pride

I used to have twigs for legs. In fact, as a 140 pound 19 year-old, I was pretty much a twig from head to toe:


(Forgive the messy room, but in all fairness, 18 year-olds aren’t known for being cleanliness conscious. Also, the picture above isn’t artistic and isn’t meant to be so, it was taken before I began real nude modeling and was taken by the girl who also took my virginity months later. It’s shown here only as a physical comparison to my late teens.)

A decade, some weightlifting, too much good eating and beer, and not enough running later, I’ve developed what we can call, for lack of a less flattering term, a much broader body. In any case, I’ll give myself the credit of at least admitting that I’ve been doing a lot of lifting targeting my lower body (squats, leg press, some cardio), and this has had a noticeable and positive effect on the development of my leg definition and strength over time.

As a heterosexual male, it might be weird to admit that I’m proud of my butt, but (no pun intended) with age, it’s one of several of my physical features that are going the right direction over time:


(Recycled from another post, but hard not to re-post given the theme tonight. This is easily one of two of my most favorite nudes that I wish I could put on a canvas in my apartment living room.)




I realize that bending poses are kind of touchy… it’s almost like you’re mooning the audience, or that you’re asking for backdoor treatment. At the same time, bending poses are kind of the most flattering for muscular thighs.

Flattering or not, those naked thighs above have had the benefit of several years’ worth of hard work and dedication to grow. Not only are those thighs a forgotten yet crucial part of my mobility, but they are what I depend on to provide the strength for strenuous work expected of a man, and God forbid the situation come, for my personal self-defense against criminals or predators.

Most of all, they dictate the minimum pants size I can wear.



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