Homophobia, and Why the Male Nude is Disgusting

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to elevate the beauty of the male nude over the female nude. Despite the intrinsic superiority of the female nude over the male nude form, the lack of discussion here about the beauty of the female nude art form is not meant to negate its position as the ultimate barometer of human beauty.

The nude male (image credit: google)


There is no reason that a straight man should appreciate the artistic beauty of another naked man, such as the one pictured immediately above. As a straight man, some of the most annoying experiences I’ve had is when other men have, rather forcefully, attempted to proposition me. One of the most frightening experiences I’ve had is when I threatened to physically fight my way out of a sexual encounter with a much larger male friend of mine when we were both fifteen. I attempt to avoid medical encounters that involve me being undressed in front of a male medical professional, with the full understanding that this is a completely unjustifiable, irrational concern. When it comes to me, the prospect of being naked (not nude) in front of another man is not preferred, at least in a non-artistic context (i.e. figure modeling) or social context (i.e. nude beach, where the playing field is equalled-we are all naked before each other).

Despite my admitted tepidity about being naked (and even nude) around another male (especially in a sexual encounter… hell no), I’ll be the first to talk to you about the inherent beauty of the male nude.

Take for example the man above, who by any rational examination, is a perfect specimen of the male race. Regardless of a person’s personal preferences or non-preferences for the male form, he obviously works hard to maintain his body, as shown in the muscular composition of his chest, shoulders, and ABS. Downstairs, his soft, circumcised penis is larger than average (in fact larger than mine) but not obscene, and the picture has an overall look of sensuality in the revelation of a strong man’s nude strength, not through a pornographic display devoid of artistic value.


(Source: http://www.123rf.com/photo_29087353_stylish-man-in-black-suit-in-front-of-nude-athletic-male-model.html)

There’s a lot to be said about this image here, as well, a perfectly well-dressed model, as well as the same model’s perfect nude body, from behind. He could have broader shoulders, but the muscular definition in his arms, back, hips and buttocks make up the difference. Regardless, he can rock a tux alongside the best of them.


This is actor Josh Duhamel (http://www.fleshandboners.com/josh-duhamel-totally-nude/)… yes, the picture is from a site that’s devoted to gay porn, which unfortunately was one of the first websites on google to yield a picture of what looked like a perfect male butt. I don’t know what others looking at this would think, but in my opinion, this is an artistically beautiful image of a nude from behind, including his butt.


The image above (source: google) depicts another powerful looking male that, through his rear-view nudity, looks like he could be taking charge.

And then, there’s this one, that I think eclipses most pictures (source: google):


Admittedly, the model above has a perfect body, and although his face isn’t visible, his muscular (and probably shaven) buttocks are prominent and really make the picture what it is.

But as with female nudes, male nudes can go too far to the point where they become void of any artistic, sensual value and just become smut:


(Image credit: http://mansex101.blogspot.com/2012_10_01_archive.html)

The above image is absolutely disgusting. I think it speaks for itself. This is not a beautiful male nude, this is just plain nasty porn.

At the end of the day, I think that a sexually-straight male should be able to appreciate the visual appeal of another nude male, observing his body head-to-toe, noting the power displayed in his upper-body muscle definition, the fitness telegraphed by his abs/legs/buttocks, the sexual prowess of his manhood (penis), and his overall confidence in allowing himself to be visually examined nude, without doubting the authenticity of his own sexual orientation. Yes, I can admire the beauty of a nude male all day long without ever experiencing a sexual attraction to one. (Recently, a male blogger commented on one of my protected posts that I have a “lovely erection”, which to me, is just as flattering to hear from him as anyone else.) It’s too bad, in my opinion, that society holds the view that appreciating a nude male’s visual appeal is mutually exclusive with heterosexuality. It’s not.


6 thoughts on “Homophobia, and Why the Male Nude is Disgusting

  1. Hi thank you for liking my post! I saw this article and can’t agree more on how the male nude figure is not given it’s proper due. There’s so much in media and art today that emphasizes the beauty of the nude female form, but somehow the male form is absent or never full-on nude. It’s like the male figure continues to be associated with “vulgarity”, even while nude women in marketing is completely accepted as “art”. That’s why it’s great to finally find male models after months of female only models. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that there are artists out there who believe that the male nude is under-represented. I’m definitely convinced that the female form is much more pleasing to the eyes, but that’s not to mean that the male form is disgusting or without its own amount of significant artistic value.

      I really think that it comes down to a few things: one, that females feel less threatened by the male nude and that males feel a certain amount of homophobia-based disgust when looking at the penis, and secondly, that females (who generally, though not always), who don’t tend to sexualize the naked body as much as men do, prefer to see bodies that more look like their own. I’d be curious if you have any thoughts on this post:


      Thank you for stopping by!

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  2. Hi, thanks for the like on my painting! I love your thoughts on the male nude and agree completely that we as a society need to get over our issues about the male body. I personally feel the male form is equal in artistic value to the female form. It’s sad that the beauty of the male nude is only rarely fully embraced by the world, for example in the case of Michelangelo’s David statue.

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  3. This is a great post and I (although biased as I am gay) agree that the male form is as artistically beautiful as a woman’s. As an artist and naturist I have sketched many female forms but so few males as many of the classes I have gone to are A: hosted by heterosexual males with a preference for female nudes or B: not enough male models. So I took it upon myself to start a Naked Men’s Drawing Group in Halifax Nova Scotia (based on a group in NYC) where the artist and model are all nude. This way, everyone is on equal footing. I will soon be hosting a co-ed version of these classes as well. So kudos to you for presenting this amazing blog to the world and finally giving the male form is just due!


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