Why Model Nude?


The picture above is my most favorite picture of me in existence. It also personifies everything that I love about posing nude. If I had my way about it, I’d take a friend’s recent advice and put this on a canvas. In this case, a picture really does speak a thousand words.

So, why do it? Why pose nude, whether in front of a camera shooting you, or dozens of strangers drawing you? In one word, it’s all about “liberation”. Whatever our personal insecurities, being naked in front of others is one of the most vulnerable sensation most people can ever experience. I don’t pretend, either, that I don’t feel some of those same insecurities whenever people see me nude, either in-person or in pictures. I don’t enjoy dropping trou for the doctor. I’m comfortable showering nude in front of strangers, and even friends, but I work hard to avoid being seen by co-workers. Nudity is the great equalizer, and when it comes to the human form, I’m just like anybody else… I have a thicker stomach than I’d like (but like everybody else, “I’m working on it”). I wish I was taller. If I had my way about it, I’d have less hair in some places that I do. I’m also aware that I’m not as, developed downstairs, as people would expect a black male of my size to be. Oh, and on the hair thing… some of mine are turning gray!

That’s what makes this picture so special… it represents the victory of everything that makes me physically insecure. I’m not perfect, but I make it with what I have. You can see me naked, and know all that makes me insecure, but I will still rise above. I will fight you. I will be strong. I will use the insecurities that you see to make me stronger than you could ever imagine. And I will win.

That’s why I model nude. When I think about it, there is no greater strength than the courage it takes to bare your body and still be strong. I think that if everyone used their own vulnerabilities to make them stronger, the world would be a better place for us all.



16 thoughts on “Why Model Nude?

      1. To be honest, that’s what I’ve appreciated so much about your blog. For you, your vulnerability is intellectual/emotional, and mine is physical, but in the end, they have some similarities.

        Personally, for me, it’s much easier to be vulnerable about my physical insecurities than my intellectual/spiritual ones. So you have a leg up on me there. I can say though, I’ve had some experiences where my ability to embrace nudity has been very practically beneficial, like when I had to clean up a baby blow-out at the last minute in front of my parents, while dressed for the shower I was going into.

        Also, aside from overcoming physical vulnerabilities, I think that the nude form is one of the most beautiful artistic creations a person can reproduce, if they have the talent. Male or female, the nude form is something so unique and powerful that it just can’t be beaten (when done right, i.e. not pornographic). This is why I’m excited when I have the opportunity to pose nude, because I can make an artistic expression in ways that most people wouldn’t trust themselves to do, and do so in a way that’s impossible without me.

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      2. I’d agree that the emphasis of my blog is emotional and spiritual vulnerabilities. There are physical ones as well. I guess what you’re referring to is the Vulnerability of the nude form? I’m that regard yes, and at the same time I am dicing headlong starting today into the resistance I have in seeing myself as physically beautiful… Thank you for enjoying my work and commenting on it. I’m glad to see that you decided to return to WP!

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      3. I didn’t do your blog enough justice… even before today’s posts, your blog did discuss physical vulnerabilities in no minor fashion. My approach is physical vulnerabilities, but in the sense of being totally naked (there is a difference between being nude and being naked, which I think I might explore in a separate blog post.)


      1. I’ve messed around with several different templates and for some reason, the “like” button just won’t come up, I don’t know why! I even checked my settings to make sure that the box was checked for it to appear. I’ll have to keep trying.

        In any case, if you’d like to have the protected password, please feel free to email me at randomman299@aim.com.

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      2. I don’t know if I’d be able to help you even so, but thanks for the offer. Have you tried using one of the really basic WordPress themes like twenty fifteen? If so, it may be a temporary problem on WordPress’ end, and could just resolve itself.

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      3. Whoops, I did a poor job of saying what I meant about the password, I didn’t mean for you to do my work for me on my site haha. I’m password protecting my posts that have my complete face visible, just to have better control over their access, but not because I’m afraid of people seeing me with my face. If you’d like the password for the protected post, feel free to email me.

        I think it’s a bug on WP, I did check the settings option to have the like button displayed. It might have something to do with the fact that I have the share button disabled for certain posts. I’ll keep messing with it.

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