About Me-The Dark Model

I’m an average person who appreciates the nude figure. There are few things more powerful, or that speak to the human soul, than artistic nudes. The nude figure, when done right, represents all that a human can be, strong, vulnerable, spiritual and sensual.

All of this is why I’ve chosen to share some of the work I’ve been a part of. I hope that by sharing this part of me, people will see the body as I see the body, an assembly of all things beautiful and wonderful.

I’m not sure what direction this blog is going to take, or how often I will post. I had a previous blog on WP, but I didnt like a lot of the type of (sexual) attention I got, so I took a break from posting. The nude form, male and female, is beautiful, but not everyone can appreciate nudity aesthetically without sexualizing it.

In any case, I’m decided not to be held hostage, at least completely, by other people’s behavior, and to go back to expressing myself.

About this blog: This is my place to express myself, in fact my soul, in the form of the presenting my artistically nude artwork, so it is completely NSFW. Please feel free to comment and share, but refrain from comments that are sexual in nature, as the point of expressing myself in nudity is not to inspire pornography or sexual arousal, but to bare my soul, in the form of my personal strength, vulnerability, and sometimes sensuality.

So, here it goes:






Thank you.


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